Louise Hatton, Group Operations Manager
Ascent Dental Care

Di and Sue are amazing! They keep you interested in what is a very important subject matter. Their knowledge is massive, and I loved listening and engaging with them and their experiences.


The WRAW program is so important and reminded me to take time to focus on not only my own wellbeing but also my teams, in a busy world these things often get overlooked.


I wish I could have a weekly session with the ladies forever!

David Mannheim, Founder & Optimisation Consultant,

User Conversion

Diane and Sue took our team through a very practical, useful approach to coaching and management that far surpassed all our expectations. Further to that, their warmth and energy was infectious - quite genuinely one of the best training sessions I, or the team, have experienced in the past year. Would absolutely recommend (and will be doing so!) 

Lucy Woolrich, Head of Training and Development, Equilibrium 

The 'Wraw' Executive Coaching Session allowed me to share 'anything and everything' I wanted to in order for me to strengthen my resilience in life and at work, allowing me to focus on what’s important moving forward. The report highlighted areas which I knew needed work but just taking some time to talk to Sue about these and listen to her suggest strategies to boost my scores in these pillars was great. I took away several actions which I feel have definitely helped me since our coaching session. Thank you Sue!


Simon R, Patient Plan Direct

'The Wraw programme has been a very empowering process. Prioritising the time to focus on this highly important area in the workplace is investment well spent. Strategies are now in place for both individuals and teams enabling us to build on our culture of high support.

I would highly recommend this programme'



"As a busy clinician, I have always been rather sceptical about having any 'coaching' and certainly didn't understand the concept of Resilience in the workplace. The downtime afforded to me by the Covid-19 crisis gave me the unexpected benefit of having time to investigate how coaching works and what benefit it could give me and my hard-working team. Throughout a six-week course, Sue and Di from Lead Coach Manage gently lead a selection of Dental Professionals through the Wraw program, designed to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing for us and our colleagues at our Practices. We studied the five pillars of resilience in turn, and each pillar was reinforced by examples of Best Practice selected from course participants - something I personally found an excellent adjunct to the theory taught by Sue & Di. Participating in the course gave me a greater awareness of what to look for when personal resilience and wellbeing are compromised, and gave ideas of how to proactively respond to reverse any such decline. To cut a long story short, I was pleasantly surprised about the benefits the course has offered me, and would heartily recommend participation, especially in a group of fellow professionals as I was lucky enough to join, who freely bounced ideas and thoughts off each other to the benefit of all on the course. Thanks very much indeed, Sue & Di…!"

Steve Crompton,

Partner - Head of Tax,

Jackson Stephen LLP

'I am proud to work with a group of people who consistently give their best and really care about the quality of service to their clients. The wellbeing of our team is of utmost importance to us and it enables us to achieve great results. Thanks to everyone and to Diane Nield for her fantastic workshop'


The Wraw report and coaching were a great resource. Strategies were tailored to the individual. The tailored one to ones were helpful in enabling people to focus on areas of personal development.


Simon R, Patient Plan Direct

'The investment spending coaching time with Sue has enabled me to focus, reflect and grow as a leader.  And it's not just me, there has been a noticeable, positive impact on my teams development, commitment and culture shift.  Brilliant!'


“I was lucky enough to be invited onto the WRAW program by the team at Patient Plan Direct. During lockdown I think Dentists we’re getting conflicting information from many sources and it was taking it's toll on many people’s mental health. The way that Sue and Di present information is in a clear and concise manner and was excellent,  it’s helped steady my ship during these difficult weeks. Thanks guys for a fantastic program. “

Sue and Diane created a bespoke session to support the Board’s development. They spent time with myself and the CEO to really understand the mission and goals of the charity and what would help take us to the next stage.
The session was excellent and focused on how we harnessed our strengths and built strong communication outside of Board meetings. We spent time exploring the Simon Sinek model, which really helped to understand ‘why’ each person had chosen to volunteer their time at Back on Track.
We had a really positive breakthrough moment with prioritisation and horizon scanning, which will support future plans.
Sue and Diane are highly engaging as facilitators and helped us to challenge the status quo. I would highly recommend working with them both in the team development space.


Peter Horrocks, Novartis

Sue has supported me for three and a half years.  She really helped me understand where I wanted my career to go after a couple of years of deep frustration and loss of confidence on my part. After recently being made redundant, just one coaching session helped me see things in a more positive light and reminded me of where my skills and strengths lie.


Debbie Jukes, Head of Client Care, Equilibrium

The Wraw report and executive coaching are a great resource. Strategies are tailored to the individual and their role . It's great to spend time focussing on myself'


Sarah Warburton, Head of Culture, Equilibrium

Gary Cripps, Chair of Trustees Board, 

Back on Track

Dr Mark Overend

Queens Road Dental Care,


Dr Jim Sykes

Hexham Dental Clinic, Hexham

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